Sunday, 10 February 2013

Finger Ring

Finger Ring

About Finger Ring 

A Finger ring is a circular band worn as a type of ornamental jewelry around the finger, what is the meaning of the most common course of the word ring.

Other types of metal rings worn as ornaments are also call rings, earrings, such as arm rings, toe rings and neck rings. Rings can be of almost any material metal, plastic, glass gemstone. They can be set with a stone of some Sort, which is often a precious or semi-precious precious stones like diamond, ruby​​, sapphire.

The ring finger of the left hand became the custom place to wear a wedding ring in much of the world, though in some countries, the finger of the right hand

There are many types of Finger Rings:

Birthstones Ring
Claddagh Ring
COcktail Ring
Doctoral Ring
Eternity ring
Engagement ring
Finger armor ring
Memento mori ring


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